The Sun’s Lament to the Moon

The Sun’s Lament to the Moon

By the dimming of

the firelight 

I see a lovely glow

Arising from 

the still dark night

His light to me 

does show

But only in 

the darkest hours

Stolen moments 

before he rests

Oh harsh moon

how can you be 

so cruel

so rare, 

so full my breast

my heart is merely fuel. 

Don’t bring me gentle promises

Don’t mock me with your light

Appearing as 

the answer to 

a cold 

and endless night.

Bright shine 

and beautiful


to offer more?

Have I 

broken your cold heart?

Have you cast me 

on your shore?

Oh moon.   

I want you 

by my side,

But I am 

the fiery sun.

The two 

never to collide.

Illusions cast

Grasping rays 

of moonlight

empty hands.


and dreams carried away 

on the heat 

of rising dew

Sun breaking fast.




copyright Donna R. Hedges 2021


  1. Very nice! I must ponder this longer. Lots of meaning in here.

  2. Thanks, Tom! I haven’t put these to music , yet, but it would be interesting. What is your favourite line?


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